Better Legs?

Ran 1.8 Pace 10.6 min/mile

50 crunch/25 leg/10 push

I felt better tonight than yesterday.  I thought i was going faster, and i was, but not as fast as i thought.  No worries.  I am not trying to reach a specific pace, just monitoring what i am doing.  My legs did feel better.  The tightness i have been experiencing is in a weird spot, the lower outside section of my quads.  I have not figured out how to stretch there.  I keep trying, but i don’t feel it until i run…

I have been trying Kelly’s Chi Running.  I like it and think that it is a good long term move.  The only real problem i am having is that when i do focus on shifting my center of gravity a little forward, i end up running faster than i feel ready for.  I think this could be related to the fluctuation in my pace from pre-Chi running to post-Chi running.  I feel like i am going faster, getting pulled along by gravity, but i fight it – which results in some weird pacing…I don’t know.  We shall see with time.

I stopped a little sooner than expected due to a slowly developing stitch in my side. If i had been under 1.5, i probably would have kept running.  Over 1.5 i decided to stop and fast walk on to the house.  The stitch went away quickly and i feel fine and am breathing well.

Quick side note about an added benefit of not smoking or drinking coffee: My Teeth Are Getting Whiter!

2 thoughts on “Better Legs?”

  1. I just read a bunch of your posts and I really appreciate it. The stuff you said about putting your own efforts up here maybe inspiring other folks the way you get inspired by your friends – that’s true. I found solace in these little bundles of your words, and I got something from the way of thought in your way of sharing. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Sunshine. I hope your healing journey is going well. I have three or four more business ideas to try. If none of those work out, it is time for the trucking license! 😉

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