Buzzzz Buzzzz Buzzzz

I have been a busy little beaver, or i guess busy bee goes better with the title.

New resume is done, distributed to 8 senior leaders and several of them have already passed it on to their networks.  I updated the RAI site with this version of the resume, fixed a few things at RAI while i was there, and made a downloadable pdf version so i do not have to have a paper copy with me at all times.

Got my domestic references together and alerted to pending contact.

I have a few mails out to the international crowd to add some of those to the list as well – but at least i can roll with what i have right now.

One meeting is set for Thursday, and i hope to get at least 2 more this week, but the Thursday one is pretty cool.

A few more tasks to complete for MINDS tomorrow, and some shopping, research, and pre-packing.  It looks like i can leave Monday at the latest, but hopefully sooner.



1 thought on “Buzzzz Buzzzz Buzzzz”

  1. So, every time I have read this post, three times now, once via email on my phone, no9ce as it appeared in my reader, and now here.. I have read the first sentence as “I have been a busy LIFE beaver.” Like beavers really get shit done, ya know, shit involving their lives. And it makes me giggle.

    So now, whenever I really crank out some ToDo list items, I will think to myself “Well, aren’t I a LIFE BEAVER today.” Which is funny… mostly just ‘cuz it says beaver…. 🙂

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