JMT Day 5 – June 5, 2012

Zero day in Lyell Canyon.

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Last night was the coldest so far and one of the coldest we would face on the whole trip, and it was the warmest I had been thus far. All the new gear worked splendidly and the feet-in-stuff-sack trick, Brilliant!

Despite that. It was still very cold outside when I awoke. As expected, my boots were frozen solid. There was frost all over my tent inside and out. I spent quite a while trying to light a fire with wet wood. My efforts succeeded in wasting all of my fire-starter (dryer lint) much of our “excess” paper, and I got a wicked nice burn on the tip of one finger.

But, the sun came out and started to work its magic. Jake and I had a quick discussion and both agreed to take a zero, get our gear dried out, and let Donahue Pass – our first real test a few miles ahead – thaw out for the day as well.

With that choice made, we spread our gear out on large flat rocks in the sun and enjoyed a lazy day in the beauty of Lyell Canyon. We did eat a little too much of our extra/emergency food and squandered some iPod power as well – but it was a lovely time.

Stay tuned as the walking begins again on Day 6

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