Fitness Update

It was beautiful, but i skipped the run yesterday in favor of a leg rest. I feel good, but a few of my leg muscles are a bit stiff. It was like this in the beginning back in October as well. Hopefully it will pass. I did of course still get in about 6 miles of dog walking.

Instead of the run, i doubled up on the floor exercises – morning and evening – 15 push-ups, 40 twisty crunches, 40 crunches, 40 leg lifts.

I also did three long stretching sessions to stay loose.

187 on the scale – already in better shape than this guy…

Yosemite - Valley Floor Loop - Spring 2009

But i could still climb…

Descent - Yosemite Falls - Spring 2009

Today i have a two and half mile walk and the morning session of stretching and exercise knocked out.  Again with the 15/40/40/40.  It is lovely outside, but quite windy.  Should be a fun run afternoon…

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