For the Birds?

I have a little “downtime” today and one of the longstanding missions has been undertaken.  I am exploring Twitter today.

I am not a Twitter hater, though i do not foresee it being terribly useful in my personal life.  I expect that most of the common objections one may have about the function of Twitter can be handled through a judicious use of settings and options.

I decided  to check it out (and have been meaning to do so) for business purposes. Like many other forms of social media, i do believe that this can be a great tool if used properly.  Given that i do not know what my next job will entail, and that loads of IT experience and expertise are a large part of my sellable skill set, i thought it would be good to become more familiar with this tech in advance of needing to be able to effectively implement it for a client.

I am listed under my name, gmail address, and/or the  handle “guthluc”.

Your input and shared experience are most welcome!

Unrelated PS – the new sleeping pad is awesome!

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