JMT Day 3 – June 3, 2012

Upper Cathedral lake to Tuolumne walk-in backpacker camp

9,425 – 8670 (- 755 ft) – @ 5.8 miles

Free Maps Online – Day 3 – Map 16

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I slept in the same amount of gear as the previous evening and again I was very cold all through the night. But the sun warmed me soon enough and it was a nice half day into “town”. We got our box. Got food at the grill, and found the Backpacker’s Camp deserted. We could not even figure out how to pay as there was no honor box. I found some Rangers who said that the camp was closed but that we could stay there if we were respectful and used the privies in “town”.

I used the afternoon to rinse out all my clothes and gave myself a quick rinse too. We got a few beers from the store and played cards at the picnic table at our camp. We got a nice dinner from the grill, made a fire and enjoyed the evening.

We discovered that there was a Search and Rescue party camped nearby doing some training and because of that, one of the outhouses in the woods was unlocked, which was something of a relief for us!

I was starting to mellow out a bit, getting into the swing of the hike by the time we settled down in our tents for the night.

Stay tuned for Day 4.

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