Quickly to the digits

Went to the Big K today and bought some $7.00 sweatpants so i don’t have to run in my zero degree Under Armor leggings or shorts.

Ran – 2.01 miles Pace – 10:15

50 crunch/25 leg/10 push

Pace a little slower, but my legs were a little tight.

Started back on Calcium and added Glucosamine/Chondroitin to the mix.

6 thoughts on “Quickly to the digits”

  1. Hey Nick, what kind of stretches are you doing to prevent your legs from getting too tight?

    You are really inspiring me, not enough to get me off my lazy ass, but enough to think about it!

  2. Howdy Karen – thanks for reading. I am glad i could marginally inspire you 😉 I don’t know what most of the stretches i do are called. I use a mixture of things. Some i learned in 3rd grade when i got more serious about soccer. Some i learned in acting workshops. Some i learned from other runners back in 96. Some i “created” back in the Renfroe Tile era. And some i just learned a few days ago from a Runner’s website. (I’ll come back and re-add the link in a minute.) They were talking about dynamic stretching and had videos. Videos are much better than me trying to describe my stretching routine. My whole stretch routine takes about 12 minutes. But, i am not always patient enough to do the whole thing. As a no longer prime of youth male, i am supposed to do a full stretch routine before and after every run. That’s a lot of time. It is important and i can feel the difference between days when i do the right thing and when i don’t. Today i did not do enough on the front end and that is why i was a little tight out there. Oh – wait – this is a set-up. You bet somebody that if you asked me a simple question i would probably not answer it and would still write 8 column inches. Was it Dave? Are you betting with Dave again??

    • Not betting with Dave….And thanks for the good info. I’m actually more interested in the stretching than the running. The only regular exercise I’ve ever done as an adult has been yoga, so that is what I relate to. Thanks for the magic link. Blogger doesn’t do that in the comments, I’m very jealous. I think you picked the superior blogging platform.

    • Ok Karen. You have inspired a new category in the blarg. I did not name it ‘Karen’ because i did not want you to get embarrassed or lord your fame over the rest of us. It is called Stretching. Lettuce get Limber!!! (That is how you make the contraction for ‘Let Us’ right?)

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