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I am lucky in that i have had very little spam come through the comment section of this blog, and so far, nothing that was auto-shifted to the spam folder was legitimate mail.

I do check out the spam folder though because i find it entertaining and here are the two highlights so far:

1) I’ll paraphrase – “God Bless Google for bringing me to this post, and thank you for writing it!”

Wow – awesome praise right?  This was a comment for the post WordPress Weirdness – which is about some silly momentary glitch in WordPress.  How desperate for fans do you have to be to receive a comment like this on a post like this and think “i am really reaching the people!  See how moved this new reader is!  Approve this and all future comments!!!”

2) I did not bother to translate this – but i got my first spam comment in Bulgarian!!  I was at first thrilled because i do have Bulgarian friends and i can understand a fair amount of spoken Bulgarian and Google translate and i can read Bulgarian at a second grade level so i thought, “hey, maybe it is Vlad!?” – but then i looked at the address and it was just spam.  But it was Bulgarian Spam and no one is gonna take that away from me anytime soon.

A few Bulgarian friends and Camper - Doha 2005

2 thoughts on “Blog Comment Spam”

  1. Traffic just is. The roadways swell with cars and that makes traffic. Being in traffic may swell your head, or your anger beans. But i am in your camp, traffic is not swell.

    Leave early and carry good tunes (and water)!


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