About 1.0

This blog is an experiment.  I need to start writing and sharing again.  I hope to discover a way to do that through this blog.  I have read that the most successful blogs have a clear and/or single focus.  I am not really interested in a single focus.  I am interested in a clear focus.  Whatever the topic, i have a common concern – conscious action.   I care deeply about process, about how conclusions are reached.  For me these aspects are generally more important than outcomes or results.

I am going to write about a variety of topics, but i do believe that there will be a common focus.  Not every word or every entry will be filled with startling revelations, but i will be trying to honestly share myself with you.

I picked Golf and Running to focus on initially because one thing i am trying lately is not being so negative all the time.  I love my inner voice and my ability to critique, but i have trouble shutting it off.  Talking about golf and running will give me a break from a more default stance – “and another thing i hate about X” or “here is what is wrong with Y” or “let me tell you why Z is deeply stupid”.  There will be plenty of that in the day to day entries, but when it comes to some longer pieces later, i hope to shape those impulses in a more constructive way.

Being very new to blogging, i am still unsure how things will be best laid out.  I have a basic navigational construct now and we will see if it remains effective as this blog grows.  I started this blog privately and received some very helpful critique from my pal, bowlegged.  I will continue to try and incorporate her advice as well fuss with the format and location of information, but that does all take time away from writing.  Thanks for reading and i appreciate your comments.

* Please note that all material (text and embedded photos) found on this blog is protected by a Creative Commons License unless otherwise stated.  You can copy it, use it, and share it, but do not edit it, try to make money off of it, or present it as your own work.  Thanks.

** They are not all going to be gems.  I know that.  Not even i am so pretentious that i think “any day now someone is going to want to publish my thoughts on running a mile and playing golf poorly!”  I have some other plans, and some other writing that i am more invested in that will appear here later.  Measure twice, i was a boy scout, and all that…

Bone to Pick?

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