About 2.0

I am going to change many things up here. My original vision for this blog still holds. I have used the space to encourage/force myself to keep writing. There are a few different writing exercises in the pipeline and some new topics. I will have to re-do these static pages. There never was much at all written about golf and i don’t really care to write much about running and exercise anymore… Many things remain the same. Kelly and Karen remain my most constant readers and the three of us continue to support each other in writing, in the search for truth, and in our quests to become better people.

I bought a domain name and need to move things over. It would be cool to give the site a new look, but this theme/template, “Contempt”, has the best possible name for any site of mine, particularly “Bone of Contention.” I may have to let it go, but that would be a sad day.

Bone to Pick?

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