The Weight

As i have said – the numbers are not important of themselves.  Even with the current state of flab, i am not in too bad of shape.  I want to lose some of the extra cushion around the middle, and tighten up the legs, arms and buns.

I did hover around 197 over the winter, but i did not weigh often, nor under the same circumstances each time.

For the sake of geeky dedication to detail and fascination with data – i weighed myself after a shower, after morning exercises, and in the birthday suit on the 16th – 191.  On the 17th after a shower, after the run, and in the B-day suit – 189.

I think i have 5-10 pounds of flab.  I am about 6 feet tall, so even 200 or 210 could be fine depending on if that was muscle or fat.  I expect that after a good season of exercise and running i will probably be about 185, but will have converted flab to muscle.

We shall see…

Before - Frontal
Before - Profile

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