Back in the (new) Saddle (sorta)

Two days ago, I declared a day of no-running-leg-rest, which was very nice.  Yesterday i allowed myself to be overtaken by circumstances.  About 7:30 ish, i heard my folks upstairs firing up a movie.  They had been talking about it and it sounded like Iron Man 2.  I planned to spend very productive time on the interwebs until 8 ish, start stretching, give Lucas his pill about 8:15 and then run and exercise, and then eat.  But – i wandered upstairs when the movie opened up with some AC/DC – about 2 hours, 1/2 a pound of carrots, a big bowl of pasta, some pretzels, and a chocolate dipped apple slice later, i was not really in running shape.

Today i got back out there.  Not quite as early as i had envisioned, but i had some email to answer, a book to finish and an initial edit sheet to write and send off (don’t ask, i can’t tell you, it is not mine, and it is top-secret – for now).  But i got out there and adapted to the new program.

I can tell you, again without fancy monitors, that i did get my heart rate elevated this time.  I did break this run up with some walking, so the stats are not quite as nailed down as they have been:

Mile 1 – pace – 7 minutes 56 seconds

I kept running for about .3 miles before i had to do fast walk for a bit to recover.  I don’t have exact stats on that, but from glancing at the sportsband while jogging, i think that my pace for the full 1.3 was 8:05.

I walked about .2 then ran about .2 then walked then ran.

50 crunch/25 leg/10 push

I feel real good.  My legs and knees felt good.  That weird pain in my outer quad area was gone (even though i have yet to master the stretches that target that region).  Glad to have gotten back out there, and ready to go back out (tomorrow).  I think this will be the new pattern for a while.  Try to rock the first mile in about 8 minutes (maybe 8.5 if i can find that pace) and do that as long as i can past 1 mile, then mix walk run.  Repeat until i can rock 2 miles in the 8-8.5 minute zone.  Repeat until i feel needy for more distance.