Back to the Run – and other news

I ran 1.8 miles, pace 9’17”. It was a nice experience to be back out there. The weather was confusing. We had a lovely bright and sunny day in the 40s that could even feel like 50 when the wind died down. As soon as i was dressing to run, clouds rolled in and blocked the sun. I dressed warm and was fine half the run and hot the rest. Them’s the breaks.

The shuffle feature worked out well for me today with a dash of T-Rex to start things off, into Soundgarden 4th of July, into Fugazi Faucet Squared. I was hoping to get to 2 miles today, but i did make it all the way back into my neighborhood. Not too shabby after an unintentional break.

When i uploaded to nike i decided to check back in with the goals section.  It is actually kinda neat. I only have two data points since establishing the goals, but it tells me at a glance how i am doing comparatively.  I am only one run behind, though almost 3.5 miles behind.  The pace goal may also be tough to meet – but if i keep up with the conditioning, i might make it.  If not, i will keep striving for it.  As a refresher, the pace goal is 1 mile, under 9′ pace, 4 times, by March 20.

We shall call her Lil' Agnes

In other news, i had a great experience at REI today.  I came to REI late, mostly because they were never located nearby.  But after doing some outfitting there last summer, i am converted. I took leaky Big Agnes with me and a clerk and i inspected it together and agreed that it was the valve. I did not have my receipt, but they found the purchase through my member number. They did not have any more of the same model, but they did have a similar product by Thermarest. I was initially bummed as the Thermarest was an additional 40 beans. But, i have been on the floor for two nights and wanted that streak to end.  If i don’t like it, i can take this with me to another REI on my next NOVA trip and exchange it there and get my loot back.  That’s good service!

After many hours of creation, my dad and i finished editing my new, four page resume tonight. I have sent it out to the necessary parties and am excited about the next steps.  The finished product is actually pretty good.  I like it better than the one-pager by far. I will change out what is on the RAI website and make this one downloadable as well, but i do not have the mental energy for that tonight. If you are burning with curiosity, let me know and i will put it in your hot little hands!

Perhaps i shall have some more time and energy to write tomorrow.

Sleep well people of the interwebs!