and repeat

more later, but to get it down before i forget – yesterday i ran 1.1 miles again, did 40 crunches, 25 leg lifts and 5 push-ups.  Not too bad after walking 18 holes of golf…

Breaking the Mile

Today i ran over a mile.  I think it was 1.1, but once you get off the road and onto the paths through the neighborhood it gets harder to track with precision.  It felt great.  When i hit my prior half-way point at .35 from my starting point, i just felt good. I felt like i could and should go further.  Instead of turning around, i hung a left and entered “new” territory.

I was feeling strong and proud.  It was dark and, goober that i am, i had on my headlamp.  One of my neighbors shouted out a “Well, that’s a fancy light” – in my previous running life, this was the killer moment – i am in pain in my cone of TRY, or past that into my own world of non-thought, and someone wants to talk! – and it is no problem.  With full volume and no pause i shoot out a quick, “Thanks, i bought it for hiking but it has many other functions.”  He keeps it going!  “Well you need to see, you don’t want to trip.”  And as i am leaving the sphere of viable conversation i close with, “or get hit by a car.  See-ya!”

I finish the run, do some cool-down walking, then stretches on the big blue truck.

Back inside i do my floor stretches, rock out 48 stomach crunches, 18 leg-lifts and 8 push-ups.  I know the push-up number is a little low, but that is the most i have been able to do since i broke my left arm about 6 months ago.  Now i feel awesome.  I definitely have the bug.  I want to go out again right now.  But i will continue with the plan and play it safe and smart and live to run again tomorrow.  I will instead enjoy a nice walk with my Dog.  Hopefully i will remember to check-out from couch to 5k and from couch to 10k as my bud recommended.  I don’t care about races or marathons, but i do like advice about staying healthy, running safely, getting stronger, and other process oriented matters.

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