Comments and Spam

Folks, i am open to commentary, good or bad, from all comers. I do however try to protect you loyal readers from scams and spams. It is possible that i am over-diligent in this and lose some traffic from denying trackbacks from strange sources or assuming that someone who sounds like a newbie looking for advice is actually a spambot just because their address is: 69sexpotkittensinvegas666stealyoursoul

In that vein, i did delete two recent comments that ended up in the spam bin, but in case this is a real concern i thought i should air their issue and address it.

Both commenters said that they love my website and that it looks great in Safari/Chrome but the pages do not look good or render properly in Internet Explorer, so i may have some compatibility issues 🙁

Two things.

1) This blog is a wordpress hosted site. I do none of the design. WordPress looks how wordpress looks – and i am pretty sure the folks at wordpress designed their sites and approve their templates so that they do render properly across all browsing platforms.

2) If this looks bad in IE – i really, deeply, and truly do not care.

That is all.