How’s it Hangin’?

I imagine that most of the readers here are hooked into me on the Facebooks – but you never know.

Here is a link to the ongoing and up-to-date-as-of-now open-to-the-public photo album of the Laundry Room Wall Job.

You know you wanna see that movie now. Maybe get Mark Wahlberg or Robert Mathew Van Winkle to star in it.

Maybe that Gina Gershon lady plays the conflicted romantic lead lady struggling to get her man on the straight.

Probably have Ray Liotta in the mix as either an old detective or small town sherif. You can’t tell if he is crooked or just weird.

Gershon, Liotta, and Vanilla Ice

star in

The Laundry Room Wall

a made for tv movie

this Sunday afternoon

on Lifetime!