JMT Day 24 – June 24, 2012

JMT and Bullfrog Lake Trail junction – just short of Lake South America Trail Junction

10,560 – 11,050 (+ 2,540/ – 2,050) – 13.4 miles * Forester Pass

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No other way to say it – Jake and I woke up and rocked it out on Day 24. Not our greatest distance day. Not our most elevation change day – though definitely in the running. The 26th was our permit deadline and the rules are a little bit unclear on what legal rights the hiker has on the day/night after expiration, and we were not really eager to have to find out. Yes we did just resupply, but I believe we both packed out for 3 nights/4 days + a small emergency supply.

Some guy i know...
Some guy i know…

We did not run, hurry, or feel pressure. It simply felt good to be walking. Some of the time it was also cold up high in the wind, and that will get you moving as well. Most of the day was well above tree-line with seemingly unlimited views of gorgeous peaks in every direction.  There was a nice supply of the now familiar tarns – though no less beautiful for their prevalence. Click on the pic for a larger view and check out the little purple flowers! We found these at crazy elevations throughout the hike. Sometimes there would be little fields of them clinging to the rock, or sticking out of every available spot where their roots could touch dirt.

Little Purple Flowers
Little Purple Flowers

Forrester was awesome, but I did not stay up there very long. I was in my full wind suit by the time we made it up there and again we raced the mountain shadows of sunset to find a camp with any shelter from the wind. We did not find “shelter” but did get to a point on a hillside with some natural protection from the wind. This was another night where we made quick work of setting up camp, eating, cleaning and getting into our bags.

Fox Force Three! Where we've been...
Fox Force Three! Where we’ve been…

I knew I would sleep well after the long day, and drifted off wondering, “will we be able to see Whitney tomorrow?”

Where we are going!
Where we are going!

* Before we left the trees, we lounged by a creek and enjoyed the sounds and the feel of cold on our feet. The green plants lining the bank of the creek – Wild Onions! We found tons of them on the JMT and while i don’t think we cooked them, i ate them raw for hours at a time as we walked…