the first slump

Ran 2.01 Pace 10:31 min/mile

50 crunch/25 leg/ 10 push

I was slower again tonight, though i did make 2 miles.  I know exactly why i was slower tonight – I Did Not Want To Go!  No real tangible reason.  It is late, i am enjoying a book i am reading and wanted to keep at it, with stretching it will take sooo much time, blah blah blah.

During the first leg, i am trying to make deals, ‘i can use the old turnaround and just do .7 today’, or ‘i can cut it shorter if i turn around here instead of doing the rest of this loop’.  I tried to focus on my breathing, think about the cool stuff happening in the story, and run right over Whiny Pants McGee.  So, yeah, it was slower out there.  But i feel good that i stuck with it, and i feel great after having done it.  My body feels good.  I know i will sleep better having accomplished my goal instead of lying awake wondering why i did not just do it.

My breathing was much better (not that it has been bad).  I was able to breathe through my nose for a large majority of the run!

And my post stretch floor exercises were easier than they have been – even the push-ups were not really bothersome.  I do think it may take me a week or so to build much past 2 miles, but i will get there.  I also think i may have to take a leg rest day here sometime soon.

Back to the book.  Night night.