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Before i began blogging, i did some comparative research between Blogger and WordPress.  Since i had never blogged, i was not entirely sure which factors would become important.  I selected WordPress for a variety of reasons, many of which i do not even remember now.  I have discovered an unintentional groovy element about WordPress that i really like – the email subscription option.  I set it up for my blog, but it was not until it was added to my buddy’s site (or i noticed that it was there) that i really felt the full effect.

I go to this site regularly and i subscribe in google reader, so at first glance email updates may seem like overkill.  But, i really enjoy when i am out and about and my iPhone makes the mail ding sound and instead of an REI or EMS promotional update or new consular information about country X (i am singed up for all of them so you never know) it is a new post from bowlegged (hey – do i have to call you bowlegged for your anonymity?).

I have enjoyed every time this has happened, but the best and i think the first time was a few weeks ago while i was sitting in my car while Lucas was in surgery.  I was trying to stay out of the way and time it right to make sure i beat Lucas back to the cage post surgery to be ready to help him as he recovered, and it was difficult to stay distracted.  While i was with him before surgery it was easier.  I pet him and rubbed him and read to him.  But when it was just me, it was harder.  Then i hear the little phone ding sound and it is a new post from bowlegged and it is the first 365 reasons post.  So i had something i wanted to read anyway, but a nice beefy read to help ease me over the hump.  True i could have used the browser on my phone to go look for that stuff, but i did not know it was there to look for, and it was nicer to have it just appear.

Maybe it is on blogger too, but i have not really seen it yet (not as comprehensive and easy at least).

Anyway, that is my thoughts for the morning.  I am off to finish the resume re-write, inshallah.

Rojonekku Shirt on Nick the Cagefighter

Check out Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts – i made this a link in case you missed the one on the right over there…

2 thoughts on “A quick word”

  1. Awww… you just made me tear up. And that is “tear” as in cry not “tear” as in my hair out. 🙂 You needn’t call me bowlegged. I think we’ve known eachother long enough to call me Kelly. xo And honestly… anyone that clicks on the link that knows me will know that is me. That post about Mike is one of the more personal things I have written. It is very me, unapologetic me. And for that, alone, it makes me happy. Glad it found you when you could use both some diversion and some happiness.

    Sidenote: Look at you, looking all cute.

  2. It is totally like a breaking interwebz exclusive brought to you by the Bone – Bowlegged is Kelly! That is right – Bowlegged is Kelly! This is a huge relief. I had to go back and change Kelly to bowlegged more than once while writing this post 😉

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