April 14 – day one to lake morena

Just a quickie to let you folks know that all is well. I had a great hike yesterday to Lake Morena. I walked with two other hikers that also used the services of trail angel Girl Scout.

Molly and I had tons of fun and laughed all day long. Steven took a little while to start to warm up but he was having some foot issues.

We will see what happens when I wake up these cats in a few minutes. I hope that Molly will carry on with me. There really is nothing in this world like laughter.

Rock On!





1 thought on “April 14 – day one to lake morena”

  1. S.F.,
    Miss you already!! Don’t forget to play the gaiter game–I’ll try to remember (putting it in my mental file cabinet right now) to play it too.

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