April 19 – day six precursor


Howdy. Just waiting for the dew to dry
off of my sleeping bag a bit more before i can pack everything and head in to “town”.

The next few days should be pretty light so I hope to do some updating, but we will see how that goes. I have been taking the time to at least make notes every day. This morning I already sketched out a little trip in review so far. A sampling of the framework…
Body – pain comfort and sleep
The plan – pace water staggering arrogance
Brain – meh. Some good some less
good but I am holding up well.

So, dear ones. I can’t say “all that and more” because I may not even get all mind that stuff fleshed out for you (and me) today. But that is where I am with the intangibles.

If you want some concrete reality specifics (or if you are following along on any of the free maps) I am sitting near mile 109 about 5 miles from the post office in Warner springs.

Bottom line – things are going well and my am having a good time. I am working on a balance between enjoying each moment and experience and regretting a choice I made perhaps with too much haste.


1 thought on “April 19 – day six precursor”

  1. Hey buddy. The best I can say is don’t even try to get your brain around all of it. That type of stuff works out best when you’re not even paying attention to it. A feller called “Red Dog” said something to me in April 2006 (just before sounding his mighty “yawp” and walking off into the woods). It might make sense. It might not. But ya see, “that shit don’t matter”. We don’t have to change Coke to Pepsi or find the car keys. Just be 🙂

    “The Mountain is a Turtle & the Trail is a Snake. If you try to fight either one of them, they’ll just move.”

    ~Red Dog

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