Location, location, location

Just an FYI – i will be moving this blog sometime “soon” – meaning probably before 2011.  I am midway through both the research and the process of doing this.  I need to create some more time to finish reading a few articles in order to learn more about what to expect. I know how to do it technically, but not what all the fallout and unintended consequences may be.

I don’t think that any faithful readers will have to do anything different if i do my job correctly, but that is one of the things i have yet to verify.  I also do not know if, similar to switching web hosts or locations with more traditional sites, can i leave it up in both places for awhile, or is it instantaneous?  I will get it figured out and moved, just wanted to let you know that it is in process in case you come to this page and it is not here, or it looks real weird, or you feel like sharing your experience moving from a free blog hosted by X to hosting your blog on your own domain…

If you want to slap a bookmark up in advance because you know, who wouldn’t?!:

Click Here!  This is also a great place to click if you want to bask in the glow of amazing graphics brought to you by me!

4 thoughts on “Location, location, location”

  1. Now, I’m a complete computer idiot, but when I tried to add the new address to google reader it said my search didn’t match any feeds. It could be me, but I thought you’d want a heads up.

  2. Thanks very much Karen. This will go into the research category for “make sure this doesn’t happen” or unintended consequences. I really had not yet thought “how do i make this thingy a feed and not static?” Right now, that link is just a static page (though incredibly lovely) which is not sending out any RSS or other Feed/subscribe-able information. So google reader should not have picked it up, though your normal ole web browser will. I probably should have been more clear in the post, or less in my head entertaining myself with the words…
    And you are no kind of idiot. You can say whatever you want over in Uncomfortably Honest town, but we got rules over here! You are smart – deal with it

    • I had created a really cute and elaborate punctuation character to indicate levity and take the edge off of that ‘deal with it’ – somehow it did not go with the text. Imagine you favorite humorous and light-hearted punctuation character – now with the power of your mind, place that cuddly critter where mine was supposed to be, then smile…

    • Thanks Nick. I’m sort of glad to hear it wasn’t just me. And thanks for saying I’m not an idiot (I am imagining the cuddly critter right now), maybe I’m not an idiot in general, but specifically computer-wise I really am. I should take a class or something. But just the idea of computer stuff bores the crap out of me.
      And I will stay tuned for the message that the new site is up, running, and Feed-able!

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