Someone killed all the birds…

…and it was me.

I have already deactivated my Twitter account.

I can respect folks who like it, but it is just not a medium or a concept that i enjoy.

I do still see the value for specific kinds of groups, businesses, charities, public figures, and so forth, but for me – not so much.


4 thoughts on “Someone killed all the birds…”

  1. Twitter is okay, but not something I keep up with regularly either. In my business it can be helpful, but not enough that I spend much time or energy on it. I can appreciate your frustration. Tweet, tweet!

    • Wendy is all up in the blog! Hi. Yep i concur with you. Can be good for biz, but a little more than i am interested in for personal use. But, now i know more about it and how to use it so when some real estate girl from NC wants advice, i know what to say 😉

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