Tech Check

TLDR – i’m running a few tests. Apologies if you receive any unwanted emails.

Turns out lots of problems can develop when you leave your website alone for over 8 years. My sidebar widgets duplicated themselves and stopped working correctly. I can’t upload any media files. My “subscribe” button disappeared, and more troubling, the feature has stopped working. I was signed up to the email notification list also so that i would know if there was ever a problem with that system. Not only is there a problem with the system, I’m pretty sure my subscriber list/database is gone also. With no social media presence, it shouldn’t be too hard to build an audience back up from zero after so many years of silence. Good Times.

I have fixed some of these issues and am now testing the email notification system. Fingers crossed…

4 thoughts on “Tech Check”

  1. Hi Nick! How are you doing?? Stay in touch! I need to rebuild my social presence as well and will follow your posts again for tips and tricks 🙂

    • Hi Wendy. Great to hear from you! Things are going well, not perfectly of course. I do plan to write and post more here, but have also said that before. Let’s connect and catch up. My cell and email from the mexico days are all still good. I hope you are well : )

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