Who is a goober?

I did it people.  I bought the nike+ sportband.  While waiting for the band’s usb thingy to charge, i signed up at nike to let them track my runs so i don’t have to create 400 excel spreadsheets, and read even more about this gizmo.  I am very soon to take it out for the first time…Indulgent?  Perhaps.  But i think enhancing and supplementing the enjoyment i am getting from running, as well as adding even more motivating power to get out and do it is a splendid way to celebrate one week off of smokes, coffee, and booze.  Technically the one week is not completed until tonight at 11, but i am not worried about bridging that gap.  I will let you know how it worked out…

5 thoughts on “Who is a goober?”

  1. About the not smoking thing-you rock. And congratulations. And it sucks. This November 22nd will be 3 years for me, and pardon my French, but I want one every fucking day. But the cool thing is I won’t have one because it would be such a bummer to start over. Good luck with it. If you slip up don’t be hard on yourself.

  2. Your new religion (running) seems to have some of the same rules as mine! Congrats on the fresh start, and on the data-tracking fun that lies ahead from your new gadget!

  3. I’m with Karen. Every day. And there are days I do indulge. And then I beat myself up. It’s just one of the numerous ways I get to take out my self loathing and give it a little exercise. 🙂

    I’m stoked you got the nike gizmo. I’ve been thinking about it…

  4. Thanks people. I feel all supported! Actually you fill me with some dread. It has been pretty easy for me so far, which makes me wonder when cometh the whammy? I had it easy to some extent in that i am out of a ‘normal’ environment, staying with my folks and not nearby any of my friends or many other related habits or activities. Add in kicking the coffee and putting a hold on the booze, and there are not many times that i even think about it. You two ladies have different pressures with the man-juggling and the babies and the lack of escape from day-to-day life, so i say kudos to you for hanging in there too.

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