WordPress Weirdness

When i logged in this morning to moderate a comment to a recent post, i noticed that all my categories were missing.  I first read and commented on the comment, then went to “New Post” to write about the missing categories.  But, when the new post window opened, all the categories were present.  I went back to check the publicly visible section and the categories were there too.

I went back into the post to add links that i should have put in when i wrote it, but i was too tired.  When i finished adding the links and updated the post, all the categories were missing.  No problem, i know this fix.  I mashed “New Post” and – all the categories are missing.  Grrr.

So this is just to inform you that i don’t know why all the categories are missing and to ask for some input.  If i do end up having to re-create my category list, would you like to see any changes?  It seemed to me to be working out fine and building a decent guide for the future, but i know what all this stuff is.  Was it useful for you?

* This would be filed under, Birth of this Blog, Tech, and I’ve got a Bone to Pick…

and i mashed “publish” and they are back…

Location, location, location

Just an FYI – i will be moving this blog sometime “soon” – meaning probably before 2011.  I am midway through both the research and the process of doing this.  I need to create some more time to finish reading a few articles in order to learn more about what to expect. I know how to do it technically, but not what all the fallout and unintended consequences may be.

I don’t think that any faithful readers will have to do anything different if i do my job correctly, but that is one of the things i have yet to verify.  I also do not know if, similar to switching web hosts or locations with more traditional sites, can i leave it up in both places for awhile, or is it instantaneous?  I will get it figured out and moved, just wanted to let you know that it is in process in case you come to this page and it is not here, or it looks real weird, or you feel like sharing your experience moving from a free blog hosted by X to hosting your blog on your own domain…

If you want to slap a bookmark up in advance because you know, who wouldn’t?!:

Click Here!  This is also a great place to click if you want to bask in the glow of amazing graphics brought to you by me!

more on the Gizmo and some health

I do think i will really enjoy this sportsband+ thing.  Today:

Ran 1.86 Miles Pace 9.45 min/mile

50 crunch/25 leg/10 push

Now that i have two runs uploaded to my nike account, there is more info in there to use for whatever we are supposed to use the info for…Seriously, it will show you graphically how your tempo was, where you were slow or fast.  Comparing your pace and distances over time should also be neat.  I don’t know how much i will play with that side of things.  I was mostly excited about the basic features.  I don’t own a watch, so timing my runs was difficult.  I like to run on paths and through woods and not stick to the roads, which makes calculating distance difficult.  Having a little device do it for me and update me live while running (if it is light enough to see outside) is really cool.

For instance, on today’s run.  I knew i wanted to make 1.5 miles if my legs felt up to it.  The voice of my body is primary in any of these decisions, but to look down and verify, “yep, past 1.5” and decide to walk in the rest of the way as a cool-down was nice.  I could have done 2, probably even 2.5, but i am trying to stick to my long-term plan – a little at a time, repeat, and add a little more.

Another use/side goal is to be getting at least 20 minutes of good cardio workout time each day.  I knew that i was not up to 20 minutes on my past 6-7 runs, and i did not quite get there today, but i am very close, and building a sustainable program.  I think this is going to help repair my lungs and strengthen my heart, which would be good.  I can already feel a huge difference in my lungs.  8 days ago my chest was a little tight and i was getting short of breath easily and quickly.  Now my lung capacity is much improved, the airways are more clear, i have no tightness, and i am not getting winded even in my running.  I can tell that there is still a long way to go.  I can start a run breathing through my nose, but after a half mile or so, i have to mix in some mouth breathing to get enough air into my lungs.  I can tell that my nasal passages are better than they were, but not really back to good yet.

The Tracking Gizmo

I like the new data toy.  It did take me a few tries to get it started correctly, so i lost about 2 tenths at the beginning of the run.  Then i got it sorted and it was nice!  I put a little extra tail on the run to figure out some new future routes and to run off a little extra excitement.  Yet again, i stopped and stretched and cooled down and did my exercises and i wanna go back out!  For me, this is the way to go.  Always leave them wanting more…

Ran 1.3 miles Pace 9:44 min/mile

50 crunches

25 leg lifts

10 push-ups

and i’m out.

Who is a goober?

I did it people.  I bought the nike+ sportband.  While waiting for the band’s usb thingy to charge, i signed up at nike to let them track my runs so i don’t have to create 400 excel spreadsheets, and read even more about this gizmo.  I am very soon to take it out for the first time…Indulgent?  Perhaps.  But i think enhancing and supplementing the enjoyment i am getting from running, as well as adding even more motivating power to get out and do it is a splendid way to celebrate one week off of smokes, coffee, and booze.  Technically the one week is not completed until tonight at 11, but i am not worried about bridging that gap.  I will let you know how it worked out…

Secure Log-in

Many websites have a very simple design flaw that never ceases to annoy me.  I just discovered that WordPress has it too.  Secure Log-in.  It is a simple concept.  If you want to update your blog, you click on a link, and are taken to a WordPress log-in page.  This page is not secure.  Check the address bar, it begins with ‘http’ and not ‘https’.  Also you make look at the status bar at the bottom of your browser window and you will not see the ‘lock’ icon.  Click the button without entering any information.  The page will re-load with an error message saying that some of your information was incorrect.  This new page is secure.  You will see ‘https’ and the ‘lock’ icon.  Why the run-around?  Why can’t they just do it right on the first page?

While this is bothersome, it is even more troubling with websites that allow you to create your own username and password.  Few of these sites are secure in the areas where you enter/create your password.  What good is having a password to access my private and secure information if i created the password out in the open without any security?  Grrr.