More from the Spam Bin

I hope to write some more substantial entries soon.  It has been difficult to find the time and motivation in the middle of job hunting.  For now, we revisit the Spam Bin!

There were three new entries today with two standouts.  One was the normal, poorly written/translated deal that goes something like this – ‘i stumble onto you thoughts and they are like thoughts i wish would fall from my head. Back come will i for plus plus’.

Then there were two new and innovative approaches to Spam – though both were still poorly written.  The first of these went something like this – ‘i come your blog to find inspired.  I find this not.  You waste time and seek attention only with things you could fix if you want.’  Now let’s be clear – this could totally apply to me, and almost every other ‘first-person’ blogger.  There may even be some entries in my blog that would warrant this admonition – but this was intended to be posted as a comment to the entry on Meditation.  I think that is probably the least self-involved and self-indulgent entry on the whole blog.  And, the email address of the “person” who tried to post this was something like [email protected]

The final example for today was a new form of clever.  “I left a comment on your blog one time and signed for mail about replies.  Now i get mails 4 times in the day about comments.  This every day and all are Spam. Can fix so no more will this happen?”  Wow – it almost got me for a micro-second.  But the good side of having an obscure blog with an incredibly small readership – i know everyone who has an approved comment personally, and i also am ‘signed for mail about replies’ so i would be getting those same messages.  But still – a nice attempt.

I do welcome comments of all sorts and would approve and share comments that presented less than flattering impressions of me and the blog.  If you ‘come my blog to find inspired’ and find only a whiny self-indulgent fellow, comment away and i will share it – so long as you are a real human and not a spammer, phisher, or other nefarious electro-being.  I have to protect my two dedicated readers, 10 regulars, and the other 10-20 people who sometimes drop in…

Camels and Gas - Northern Qatar near Al Ruis - 2005

7 thoughts on “More from the Spam Bin”

  1. As a loyal reader I am grateful for the protection! Constant vigilance!

    I’m assuming it’s an LNG complex in the photo. Do you know the name? I wonder if it is one that my dad frequented. A Ras Gas one, perhaps?

  2. I do not remember which facility is pictured. Ras Gas has several facilities and i have been to some Ras Gas sites as well as the corporate offices. I dealt with them primarily as sponsor for events. On this trip, my partner Ram and I were scouting out potential courses for endurance horse racing. We wanted to set a course that came as close as possible to circumscribing the state, but there had been too much development to make that a real possibility. We ended up just doing it down south in the open desert near the inland sea…

  3. Of course, Lazy Eye! It’s hard for me not to make them at this point.

    I got to visit the inland sea twice, back in ’98 and ’99. It was so amazing, but I was shocked at the amount of trash that was there.

    I’ll ask Dad if he’s been to a facility near Al Ruis. I could be wrong, but I think he’s still on the board of Ras Gas.

    It’s a small small world.

  4. It is a small and mysterious world…the picture at the bottom of the first post on Spam – Brain Camp and some of my Bulgarian pals in the Pamona restaurant in the Intercontinental Hotel – Doha. The moon picture from the finger and the moon post (post inspired by our talks) Moon over my friend’s tent camp at the inland sea, Qatar…

    I did not plan any of that. When i do not have a relevant picture, i just look for something i have not posted…

  5. Was Brian Camp a year ahead of you or was he your year? You were basically the only senior that was friendly to me when I was a wee freshman. Not that I begrudge the other seniors because I can’t remember being terribly friendly to the wee freshman when I became one of the big kids! I knew who he was, but he wouldn’t know me from Adam. Cool that he visited you in Doha. I believe that hotel was built way after I visited.

    I love the Qatar pictures. And the unplanned nature of them.

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