Almost Warm! Exercise!

As you can probably tell from the lack of talk about running, i have not done any since it got really cold about mid November.  I could have used a trial pass at my folks’ gym, but i am still a little wigged about going to the gym, and i am mot sure that if i do go to a gym, that i want to go to my folks’ gym.

But, i have done most of my stretching routine the past two mornings.  I have also started doing my floor exercises again (also two days now) – the two kinds of crunches, leg lifts, and push-ups. I would like to have this exercise re-start morph into a more rigorous version than last year.  So far, i am hitting 25 on each of the crunches and leg lifts and 10 push-ups.  In addition to doing these everyday, i would like to start doing morning and evening sessions.  It is really not a vast amount of exercise, so i should be able to do that.

The temp has hovered near 40 for a few hours around noon the past few days. There is enough snow melt that i believe i can start running again.  I may try this out today.

My weight has stayed at about 197 through the roughly 3 months of limited exercise (and the 3 weeks of beer drinking in Mexico!).  Again, i am not concerned about the number on the scale, nor i am i too concerned about the image in the mirror.  I want to get healthier and stay that way.  Aside from toning some muscles, i am trying to work up to getting 15 minutes of good cardio several times a week.   I have a few smoke free months under my belt and i know that getting good cardio workouts will help my heart and lungs repair themselves.  Also, as it warms up, the mountains begin to call.  I want to do more hiking this season than i managed last year.  Sleeping in my sleeping bag on my hiking air mattress helps keep those thoughts fresh in the mind.

Of course, job searching is still primary.  Over the past 6 weeks of searching, i have applied for about 12 jobs.  So, i really need to up my numbers. But of those, i was really interested in 4 of them, and two of them i would love to get.  One of those is right here in Lancaster PA and i believe i have a good shot at that one.

Time will tell, and i need to keep focused on applying for more jobs, at least one a day would be nice.

Anyway – to all my fellow runners in hibernation, Let Us Take to the Streets!



On Thumb Butte - looking at Granite Mountain, Prescott AZ




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  1. Aw man, I totally wasn’t angling for a compliment there. It’s a grass is greener thing. When you’ve got baby fine and completely straight hair and you see some with body and waves you get a little envious!

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