Howdy again Folks. Just a quick update on a few odds and ends.

Thanks to you all for the kind words and the support after the last entry and the probably not so shocking reveal.

Today i passed the 16 days sober mark and i am feeling pretty good. My sleep cycle is still off, but i am done with the night sweats and really strange mental gymnastics. As usual for me, there have not really been any withdrawal symptoms. My face is starting to look better. One of the many things you don’t recognize, or choose to ignore, when you are drinking way too much is how terrible you start to look. There is still progress to be made, but the area under my eyes has reformed from canyons to deep pits 🙂

This is not my first time getting sober. I do appreciate the support and am open to input and advice, but i want you all to know that i am not in crisis. There will be a few stories about this journey at some point, but i do not know how many, how long, or what i will focus on. But i do think that it will be helpful for me to review some of that material. It could be informative if not interesting for you. And for anyone else out there struggling with similar issues, perhaps some of my tale can help you make the right choices for your situation. But that will be at least a little ways down the road.

I have come to a stopping point on Phase I (of three) on the romance tale and have uploaded it in four parts to be released once a day for the next four days.

I still have some tech/Apple stuff that i have been writing in the brain that will get onto the paper one of these days and i need to reach out to the leading lady for Phase II of the romance tale to gauge her reaction.

There are some cool things afoot at work which is refreshing and hopeful. Vance and I are both excited and motivated.

That is it for right now.

Rock Out!

Max and Mickey Chillin', January 2013
Max and Mickey Chillin’, January 2013

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